MICCRA Pro InLine Homogenising System

The InLine system of the MICCRApro Series works according to the flowthrough-principle and is based on a mobile stainless steel base frame. The product can be dispersed, homogenized, or pumped through the dispersing apparatus, by an external circulation line. The product flows back again into the mixing vessel over this circulation line.

The discharges of the finished good will take place over a discharge line, which may be mounted on the outlet of dispersing assembly. For this purpose, the product can be carried out of the system without the help of an external pump.

miccra pro bmh 300

Key Performance Features of the MICCRApro InLine Systems:


  • Powerful Asynchronous Motors with water cooling are available.


  • The usage of up to 2 different stator sizes (ø100, ø120) and several different rotor designs either for fibrous and solid particles as well as rotors for very fine emulsions in one chamber size are possible.
  • Hardened version upon request deliverable
  • Peripheral speeds of up to 32m/s and beyond (in connection with a frequency converter) are feasable. Therefore high product results are achievable.
  • Single- or double jacketed variants for cooling and heating the chamber are available
  • Complete Emptying of the chamber with vertical position and ground-level outlet possible
  • Gap-free inside area of the chamber
  • CIP- and SIP capable on request

SS base frame

  • The moveable SS base frame contains the whole unit incl. the motor, the chamber with tool and the SS panel with the frequency converter.
  • With this design you have maximum flexibility coupled with maximum performance.

Mechanical Sealing

  • Double acting mechanical seals even in pharmaceutical standard are available.
  • Easy to maintain, can be changed by the customer in case of defaults.
  • Seal materials in FFPM obtainable.


Your benefits thanks to MICCRA

MICCRA designs all its dispersing and homogenizing systems in that way that they comply with the requirements of modern companies w.o. any problems. Thus they do not only convince with extraordinary speed, quality and reliability, but also provide huge benefits in other important areas.

  • Increases productivity
  • Faster workflow
  • Robust Security
  • Improved cost control
  • Easy machine operation
  • Responsibility for the Environment

Comparison tests conducted by independent research laboratories have clearly shown that the MICCRA series of MICCRA, such as the laboratory, pilot plant, and production models offer significant advantages such as increased productivity, faster workflows, reliable security, improved cost control and ease of equipment operation.

The fast dispersing and homogenizing speeds of the MICCRA series in conjunction with the intelligent design ensure that your workgroups are consistently more productive than before.

Thanks to intuitive operation, ease of use, the ability to perform multiple tasks simultaneously, powerful productivity tools, and easily replaceable accessories can be achieved with less effort.