MYMAG M-1 Magnetic Stirrer

The magnetic stirrers of MICCRA MYMAG-series are designed for a gentle to intense mixing of low viscous liquids and ideal for the digestion of organic and inorganic substances. Important aspects such as safety, convenience and cost savings have been considerably taken into account during the development of the MYMAG stirrers. This is reflected in various unique product advantages of our lab hot plates. The ceramic coated hot plates allow for immediate heat transfer resulting in quick heat up times and chemically resistant surface.

The new magnetic stirrer of the “MICCRA” class

It offers many important features such as the control of parameter via LED-Display, the integrated temperature control and the sealed construction (IP42). And all that at a very attractive and competitive price. The integrated temperature control allows an exact regulation of the sample when the temperature sensor PT-1000 is connected. mymag_stirrer_1

MYMAG M-1 magnetic stirrer


Quality features:

  • LED-Display for accurate regulation of speed and temperature
  • digital controled speed and temperature
  • Indicator for hot surface, even when the stirrer is shut-off
  • connector for PT-1000 temperature sensor
  • integrated temperature control function
  • compact construction, sealed housing (IP42)
  • 2 years warranty


MYMAG M-1 Set (with PT-1000 and mounting kit)


Technical data:

  • Voltage(V): 200-240
  • Max. mixing amount (l H2O): 3
  • Stirring bar (max. in mm): 50
  • Stirring speed (rpm): 100-1500
  • Display accuracy( rpm): 10
  • Display: LED
  • Stirring plate (mm): Ø 135 ceramic coated
  • Temperature range(°C): RT-280
  • Adjustment accuracy (°C): 1
  • Regulation accuracy (°C): ±2
  • Heat output (W): 500
  • Safety temperature (°C): 320
  • Dimensions (BxTxH, mm): 155x215x100
  • Safety class: IP 42
  • Weight(kgs): 1,4