MICCRA D-27 – The High-End-Homogenizer

The new high-end homogenizer, built for the highest requirements in research and development.

MICCRA D-27 d-27 homogenisator homogenizator homogenizer homogeniser disolver disperser homogenisierer disperser laboratory labor inline in-line

Its powerful 2.7 kW stainless steel three-phase asynchronous motor with up to 36,000 rpm delivers product results up to nanoscale, at a surprisingly low noise rate (63 dB(A)).
The patent-pending, unique cartridge sealing system (* in connection with the DFK-flow chamber) withstands also pressure and vacuum applications easily and is particularly hassle-free to maintain.

The perfect solution for the continuous operation in laboratory and pilot plant, hands down.

DFK 1.4 inline flow chamber


The inline flow chamber system DFK 1.4 is the high-end solution for continuous operation in research, development and small production scale.

Based on the MICCRA D-27, the powerful 2.7 kW induction motor with speeds up to 36,000 1/min, product results with a much higher quality and efficiency are possible.

The results are reproducible at any time and a scale-up to the next higher volume areas is possible. To mixing and size reduction effects is to optimize a wide variety of rotor / stator combinations.
Thanks to a bearingless drive shaft between the flow chamber and motor drive the system is characterized by its remarkable smoothness, and is particularly easy to clean and maintain.

Thus, the ideal combination between MICCRA D-27 and the DFK 1.4 By flow chamber system as an ideal equipment for your crossover products.


MICCRA Flyer D27